Improving the Threat Monitoring Dashboard
for IBM Security


IBM Security provides world-class threat monitoring services to their customers. To provide this 24x7x365 security, IBM Security has teams across geographies that continuously monitor customers cloud environments for security threats.

In order to further enhance their security offerings, IBM Security decided to create a Threat Monitoring dashboard and user experience, specifically designed for the needs and use cases of the Threat Monitoring (TM) team.

I contributed to both design and research efforts and worked with a UX Lead and fellow UX designers. Our goal was to understand the current journey and needs of our TM teams and to then create a well-considered, efficient UX that enables TM teams to monitor and respond to threats more effectively and, ultimately, to improve resolution times and provide great SLA performance to clients.

—UX Research

We interviewed six members from the TM team — two from India, two from Poland, and one each from the US and Costa Rica. We shadowed their day-to-day journey and followed their specific task workflows, noting everything from the tools they used to their pain points to the small 'hacks' they use to optimize their workflows. All this was captured in a Mural.


With the insights from our research, I worked with project managers and technical architects to determine the experience we would deliver and to then craft the requirements that would help us get there. The designs were created with Sketch and InVision all while in sync with user validation and UX feedback sessions.

The nature of the Threat Monitoring work is that they need to parse a lot of information at once as well as take quick action on any threats that may be detected. The UX was created to be immediately glanceable and actionable.

The designs are below. Note that these are earlier iterations of the dashboard, not the final release designs, but they do give an idea of the design thought and effort that's been poured into it.


The new dashboard experience was launched successfully to an internal group of Beta testers and was met with great reception, with many members of the Threat Monitoring team noting greater ease of use, less clutter, and a more streamlined action flow. The dashboard continues to be iterated upon, developed, and used within IBM teams.

UX Designer • User Researcher
Personas • User Journeys • Insight mapping • Wireframes • Hi-fi Sketch Prototype • Dev Handoff Document